Hillary Clinton most likely to be Indicted in FBI investigation

Hillay Clinton will most likely be indicted at some point.  The questions is when?  Regardless of the time frame of a likely indictment Fox News lays out some key facts about the Clinton Foundation investigation.


Via Fox News

In a bombshell report, Fox News’ Brett Baier reports that two FBI sources with “intimate knowledge” of the Clinton Foundation investigation are saying that the probe will likely end in indictment.

On Wednesday’s “On The Record” Baier laid out several details he’s learned from those sources:

1) “The Clinton Foundation investigation is far more expansive than anybody has reported, I think, so far.”

2) Despite reports that laptops belonging to Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, two top aides for Hillary Clinton, were supposedly set to be destroyed according to their immunity agreement with the Justice Department, the devices are still intact.

“We have been told that those definitively have not been destroyed,” Baier said. “They are at the FBI field office here in Washington and are being exploited.”


3) The evidence in the Clinton Foundation probe is being described as “a lot of it” and that there is “an avalanche coming every day with WikiLeaks and the new emails.” Some people involved in the investigation are now being interviewed for the third time.

4) Anthony Weiner’s laptop contained new emails and not simply “duplicates” as some Clinton defenders have suggested.

“The classified investigation is being run by the national security division of the FBI,” Baier reports. “They are currently, as Catherine Herridge has reported, combing through Anthony Weiner’s laptop, and they are having some success in what they believe to be new emails, not duplicates, that have been…emailed through the server.”

5) The sources believe with “99% certainty” that Clinton’s server had been hacked by five foreign intelligence agencies.

6) Baier also said that when he pressed his two sources about likely outcomes of the investigations, they told him that, barring obstruction, they are likely to lead to an indictment.

In recent days the Clinton campaign has been struggling to widen the gap between the Trump camp.  They are worried about a possible indictment that’s why we see Hillary at rallies promoting early voting before her agenda changes for the worse.

Hillary Clinton most likely to be Indicted in FBI investigation
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